Protect Your Peace was birthed, or shall I say planted, in me while I was pregnant with my husband and I’s daughter. I had a very high-risk pregnancy, so I had to do all I could to ensure it remained as close to stress-free as possible. While there were some stressful moments, I chose to protect my peace by minimizing the number of people I allowed in my personal space; and, reduced the amount of time I spent away from home to prevent early labor from too much activity. I also demanded positivity in my space no matter where I was.

After the loss of our second child, my husband and I chose to enhance our peace by attending marriage counseling. I would highly recommend counseling to anyone who may be experiencing any type of difficult situation.

In times of adversity it is always best to Protect Your Peace. If you don’t, you can end up stressed, depressed, and vulnerable to living a life that is not conducive to the will of God. He does not desire for His children to live any type of life other than the blessed one He has already designed for you to live. Don’t allow flesh to lead you away from having a spirit of peace, especially one that is above and beyond what you ever thought you could have.

“Peace is universal. God’s perfect peace only comes by way of His Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus.”

-Allison Braxton

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